Nostalgic Christmas (16 Selected Carols for Piano or Organ)

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As a child, Christmas time was the best time of the year for me. Despite all the preparations for the festive season, Advent always radiated a touch of peace and quiet. People took time for each other and waited for Christmas together.
I fondly remember the many hours in which we children were occupied with the most varied Christmas handicrafts and the annually repeated nativity plays in which I was happy - even if only as a sheep - to be allowed to participate.
But I also think back with joy to the Christmas singing and music, to the rapid sleigh rides over self-built ski jumps and to the Christmas masses, which were far too long for us children and which we often bravely endured standing up because of crowded churches.
Today, especially the Christmas carols, which I already know from my childhood, remind me of this wonderful time. It was therefore a special concern of mine to set a selection of the most beautiful of these songs to music in appealing piano settings.

Piano: Lucio Benaglia (