Danse Macabre (Six Mystical Dances for Organ)

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The Dance of Death (french: Danse Macabre) firstly appeared in the 14th century and its purpose was to portray the power of death over life. Visually it is mostly represented as a circular dance where death courts the living. As a skeleton the death plays instruments, dresses up in costume and mocks his contemporaries. He often attires himself with articles worn by current persons of standing. E.g. cardinals hat, fool's cap or a nuns veil. Either as life sized paintings on church walls, or paintings adorning cemetery walls with anything up to 80 meters in length, he reminds the faithful, admonishingly, of their own mortality. As a musical motif the Dance of Death has been found in numerous musical settings and is as such widely distributed.

Organist: David E. Lamb (New Jersey, USA) plays the Organ of St Bartholomew's Church, Armley (Hauptwerk Sampleset)